Peters vs. Seymour


The strong rivalry between ACT’s David Seymour and NZ First’s Winston Peters has evolved into a boxing challenge from Peters after Seymour pointed out that one day Peters would need immigrant nurses to help him walk and get dressed. Peters responded by saying he was in excellent physical health and that he would win a boxing match against Seymour adding “There will be three hits: You hitting me, me hitting you and the ambulance hitting 100.”

I don’t doubt Peters probably would win the fight but there is something unseemly about the thought of a 37 year  old man fighting a 74 year old man. If Seymour won the fight, wouldn’t it just look ghastly anyway?


Aside from that very sad thought, Peters using immigration yet again in an attempt to shore up his vote is just pathetic. NZ First had the opportunity to reduce net migration in this term and did nothing about it until Covid19 made the choice for the government. The next government’s immigration policy also won’t be set by the government as much as set by the circumstances imposed upon it by the virus. 


That is self-evidently obvious; just as Peters’ desperation with 2% in the polls, 9 weeks out from the election.


13th National MP resigns.


Rangitata National MP Andrew Faloon has become the 13 National MP to resign this term, announcing he would not stand for re-election following an unspecified incident on Friday. In a  statement he cited mental health issues as his reason for standing down. Including Jami Lee Ross, National has shedded 25% of its caucus since the 2017 election.


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