There were 21 candidates for Mayor. Voters could cast 1 vote in this FPP election.
                                               A total of 361387 valid votes were cast.

4118 votes 1.14%
8th place
Tricia’s best result was in Henderson-Massey Local Board with 345 votes



Tricia Cheel – Stop Trashing Our Planet 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

So far this election, I’ve never rated any candidate higher than 4 clowns. Congratulations Tricia Cheel on becoming the first to get a 5 clown rating! For every loony, unscientific, paranoid conspiracy you can think of Tricia has so many more that you could never imagine.

  • STOP Trashing Our Planet members. Oh come on, are there really other members?
  • 80% of chronic diseases have an environmental cause. WHO says this is true though only 24% of diseases globally can be traced back to avoidable environmental causes.
  • 50% of wildlife and 72% of flying insects have been lost to extinction. Actually it is 99.9% and virtually all of them pre-date humans. Estimates of the number of species currently on Earth reach up to 14 million with only 1.2 million actually documented.
  • We cannot continue to gamble with our children’s health and the future of all life on earth. Evolution itself is responsible for most extinctions, with the average species surviving for ten million years.
  • We must start with ending drops of deadly, eco-toxic 1080. 1080 is the most effective pest control substance that also decomposes fastest in water and soil into harmless compounds.
  • One million species face extinction and we cannot continue with the out-of-control, corrupt, greedy profiteering, that has caused the problems in the first place. Animals farmed by greedy profiteering aren’t in danger of extinction.
  • Provide necessary infrastructure immediately through no-interest loans from the Government via the Reserve Bank. Tricia has also run for the Democrats for Social Credit. That will destroy the value of our currency. The Government will never agree to that.
  • Ask Central Government to pay for reduced costs of health care, from adoption a non-toxic blueprint for the city. (sic) I don’t know what this means

Cheel also wants to ban fluoride, 5G and genetic engineering. She is vocally opposed to vaccines. Will be interesting to see how her vote in South Auckland compares to the rest of the country. If that didn’t trigger enough laughs, check out these:


The coalition’s website laying out the platform for STOP Trashing Our Planet. 

The chemical braindrain.

The Dangers of 5G

5611votes 1.55%
7th place
Michael’s best result was in Henderson-Massey Local Board with 501 votes



Michael Coote – Independent 💲

Coote has just one priority if elected Mayor of Auckland. That is strictly equal treatment of all races by Auckland Council. He targets special rights and privileges granted to Maori first and foremost.

In principle I agree with him but there are two reasons why I hesitate to give him a ringing endorsement. Firstly, the Council has no power to remove the Independent Maori Statutory Board, it exists as a consequence of central government legislation. Secondly, organisations set up for the purpose of implementing racial equality such as 1 Law 4 All, Hobson’s Pledge etc. tend to attract nasty racist white people. I’ll probably attract a bit of flak for saying so, but I’ve associated with enough groups and people interested in that issue and they quickly become riddled with genuine racists.

Coote is also running in Waitakere ward, so I had a look at his profile to see if there is anything else that interests him. Just dogs. He is really anti-dog. I sympathise a little but hating dogs is not a tenable campaign platform.

2301 votes 0.64% 
16th place
David’s best result was in Kapiti Local Board with 157 votes



David Feist – Lift NZ 💲💲💲💲

Feist is using the mayoral race to launch a new political party called LiftNZ. The policies are actually pretty good but have really been written with a central government election in mind. It is not currently a registered party.

Feist opposes the current compact city model Council planners have been pushing since the super city formation. Feist will abolish the urban boundary, permit housing on rural land, encourage targeted rates and widen motorways (not a Council responsibility).

He would like to draft a new Unitary Plan with affordable housing as it’s main priority. The plan will have a “price trigger” inserted so more land is automatically released when rural land just outside the boundary is 20% more expensive than land just inside the boundary. I think he’s gotten a bit confused – land inside the boundary is 8 times the price of land outside. Maybe he should just stick with the original, sensible urban boundary abolition.

He will also allow residential subdivision on all land zoned rural in Auckland.

2923 votes 0.81% 
10th place
Genevieve’s best result was in Waitemata Local Board with 218 votes



Genevieve Forde 🤡🤡🤡🤡

Genevieve looks one of those nosey neighbours who sticks their head over the fence to complain when your grass grows a bit too high.

The number one concern she has is the climate and she wants to create a plan that will reduce GHG emissions 45% by 2030 as the UN advocates.

She wants to achieve this by marginalising private cars, providing free public transport, electric buses and more safe priority lanes for bikes. By Marginalising cars, she means a 30km/h speed limit everywhere unless you’re driving a bus, except schools and hospitals which will be 5 km/h. OMFG, Are hospitals causing car accidents? Lime Scooters will be banned.

There will be a train to the greenhouse gas producing airport after the CRL is finished, then a train over the harbour bridge. A TRAIN OVER THE HARBOUR BRIDGE!

She also wants to protect Auckland’s environment by leaving Chamberlain Park as it currently is. Golf courses aren’t actually good for the environment so I wonder if she literally means leaving it as it currently is and removing golfers.

No concrete, sediment or untreated sewage in the ocean. Banning all plastic bags and drink bottles with zero waste to landfill. She also wants to plant native trees everywhere (on Chamberlain Park or not?), return Ihumatao to Maori guardianship (destroying the entire Treaty settlement process), stop all cruelty to sentient beings (need a lot more detail on what that could mean) and provide homes for all homeless people. Apparently, this is a “more humane, feminist attitude.”

I initially felt a little bad about saying Genevieve Ford looks like a nosey neighbour sticking her head over the fence. Not any more.